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"Happenings" Newsletter
30 years

Candlelighters of Southwest Florida not only provides services to the child, we support their family too! A sample of our current programs and services are listed below. If you have any suggestions or are willing to assist Candlelighters in any of these programs/events, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

  • Family Activities — Regularly scheduled activities including the entire family are organized throughout the year to help families deal with the feelings of isolation. Such activities may include baseball games, theatre tickets, skating, miniature golf, hayrides, picnic, holiday parties or a “fun trip” to a Florida Amusement Park.

  • Operation T.N.T. — Teenagers have difficulty under normal circumstances; however coupled with a diagnosis like cancer, their world is upstaged. Funding has been secured to provide opportunities for recreation with other teen patients and survivors. Past activities have included bowling, sailing, pizza party, miniature golf, go cart racing and a outing at the Paint Ball Park seem to entice some of the teens to join in. Activities are planned several times a year.

  • Emergency Funds — The emergency fund is available to all registered families to provide limited financial assistance. These may occur at the onset of diagnosis, during treatment, as result of a Bone Marrow Transplant or due to the onset of the late term effects of radiation or chemotherapy. These funds are meant to help with the cost of utilities, groceries, transportation, rent, insurance, childcare, and other family situations occurring.

  • Death Benefit — Funds are available at the time of a child's death to help the family with the many unplanned expenses incurred during this difficult time.

  • Happy Notes — To honor a person on any occasion. Gift cards are mailed to the recipient to acknowledge a donation has been received. i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, end of treatments, or other special times.

  • Memorials — To recognize and remember a child or loved one who is deceased are available. Gift cards are mailed to a family to acknowledge a donation has been received in Memory of their loved one.

  • Parent Meetings — Regularly scheduled parent meetings help families to better understand their child's disease as well as realize they are not alone in the journey. Occasional speakers are secured to discuss topics of interest however most meetings focus on introducing parents to one another.

  • Newsletters — Newsletters are published on a quarterly basis to keep families in touch with activities and support available as well as upcoming activities and fundraisers. There is no charge to receive the publication.

  • Telephone Support — Telephone support is available for parents and bereaved parents. Efforts are made to have families network with another family in similar circumstances.

  • Toy Chest Project —Because a visit to the Doctor’s office or clinic may not be a pleasant experience, the Toy Chest was initiated to give the child something positive to look forward to during the visit. Small take home gifts are distributed to the children as they exit the physician’s office.

Prior to taking part in these events Candlelighters needs a Services Request Form on file for the Child and their family members. Periodically we may ask you to update your form. This form provides vital information so that we may serve the child and family as effectively as possible.

Download Services Request Form